NAQCPA Pioneer Days
Year Day Location Theme Attendees
1983 1-Oct Casa Grande Recollections of Englishtown, Spanishtown, Hacienda residents
1984 13-Oct Casa Grande Recollections of Englishtown, Spanishtown, Hacienda residents 75
1985 12-Oct San Cristobal Tunnel Re-opening of the San Cristobal Tunnel
1986 11-Oct Old Mining Museum Re-opening of the Mercury Mining Museum in New Almaden
1987 10-Oct Old Mining Museum Grand opening of the Mercury Mining Museum
1988 8-Oct Englishtown Englishtown School House memories 150
1989 19-Oct Bull Run Delores Taranga tunnel 85
1990 10-Oct Powder House Powder House 200
1991 12-Oct American Mine The America Shaft 120
1992 10-Oct Englishtown Dedication of CCC monument, honoring CCC alumni 200
1993 9-Oct Englishtown "Our Cornish Cousins"
1994 8-Oct Victoria Shaft Powder House reconstruction dedication 150
1995 14-Oct Spanishtown Memorial to Friedolin Kessler, Mexican miners  170
1996 12-Oct Casa Grande Tour Casa Grande, Ole Opry Players, pioneer stories 250
1997 11-Oct Casa Grande 100th Anniversary of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria
1998 17-Oct Casa Grande Museum dedication
2000 Englishtown The Chinese at New Almaden 120
2001 13-Oct Day Tunnel Day Tunnel dedication
2003 11-Oct Senador Mine Senador Mine sign dedication
2004 9-Oct Blacksmith Shop Casa Grande 150th Anniversary, Blacksmith Shop dedication
2006 14-Oct Spanishtown Spanishtown sign dedication
2007 13-Oct Santa Isabel site Santa Isabel Shaft dedication
2008 11-Oct Wood Road Wood Road dedication
2009 10-Oct Englishtown Map House dedication
2010 13-Nov Casa Grande Reopening of the Casa Grande after reconstruction
2011 8-Oct Outdoor Museum Outdoor Museum dedication
2012 13-Oct Outdoor Museum Include Railroad sign dedication
2013 12-Oct Outdoor Museum Outdoor Museum and Cornish Miners
2014 11-Oct Rotary Furnace Rossi Retort dedication
2015 10-Oct Hacienda entrance Hacienda Bell Tower dedication
2016 8-Oct Casa Grande Pathway and memorial bench dedication
2017 14-Oct Outdoor Museum NAQCPA 35th Anniversary
2018 17-Oct Outdoor Museum Interpretive Sign Restoration
2019 12-Oct Casa Grande Wagon restoration, Estaban Tunnel
2020 Cancelled
2021 Cancelled